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In person coaching is always best but this product series is a real value option

What do you do?

That question is asked in the United States at gatherings of all kinds. For Americans, you are what you do. More importantly that question opens the door for you to prospect for business virtually all the time. But moving from a mannerly question to the beginning of a relationship needs to thought  through very carefully and delivered artfully.

Every sale begins with a conversation.

Every sale.

But when you have to start from never having met the person in a non-sales setting you are going to have to say and do the right thing just to continue the conversation either here or in your place of business or theirs.

This way you will know whether or not they are interested.

Thirty Second Marketing trains you to Hook 'em, Hold 'em, Pitch 'em and Close "em. You find out how to talk with them not at them. You will learn how to "read" the person and become an astute judge of their interest and exactly what to do when they lose interest.

Often, your new customer or client will become a friend.

This is a delightful benefit of oling business with people who know, like and trust you. Thirty Second Marketing is the easiest way I know to begin the relationship  that get you to Trust.

Successful referral-based businesses are built on Trust that comes from Conversations not Commercials.

"When he proposed that I answer the question, 'What do you do?' with:

I'm the Business  Defogger & Accelerator

I thought he was nuts.  And then I tried it.

Everybody Gets it

Nobody forgets it.

Colleagues want to know how I came up with it. I tell them to talk to Jerry."

Jim Grew


The Grew Company