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If you need counsel with any part of the marketing process:

    • Strategy Setting &  Review
    • Strategy Management 
    • Tactical Leadership
    • Tactical Implementation

We can help you devise a new strategy, put it in place and be certain it pays off. Learn more.

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Is marketing the missing element you need to “take your business up a notch?”

Have you’ve come to the conclusion that you need an objective opinion about your marketing approach, both traditional and on the internet?

Are you’re staring down the bores of another new product introduction and afraid you can’t afford the marketing you need?

Or sales have stalled, you’ve exhausted “the usual suspects” and are casting about for new markets and new ways to access them.

Or you’ve never had a marketing plan that laid out measurable objectives to include:

    • Positioning                          • Persona Evaluation 
    • Net Marketing                    • Offers
    • Lead Generation                • Brand Development 
    • Effectiveness Analysis      • ROI Statistics

Strategic marketing to take your business up a notch

"Jerry has been my go to guy for marketing since I opened the doors on my first business.

He knows what works and why."

Gary Larkins

Founder, APS