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Think of yourself as David going up against those Goliath bigger companies.

If you're David I'm the guy making the slings and the projectiles.

I have been waiting and watching since the early 1990s as the technology slowly but surely became available to automate marketing.

At last it is available to us "Little Guys."

It has been out there from multiple suppliers for quite a while. I've kludged together systems from as many as six different suppliers to accomplish what can be done today with just one or two at a fraction of the cost.

Take advantage of the key elements of new technology while you employ techniques that are nearly timeless.

No matter how sophisticated the software is the true key to automated marketing is understanding human nature. It comes down to knowing how to convince and persuade. And you can't automate that skill.

I start where the software stops.

The software can be set up to make multiple offers, to up sell and cross sell. It can be designed to automatically take timed actions or react to customer requests. But somebody has to think up the offers and understand how to read the digital body language so it all works.

I can help you do that.

I can advise you on low and no cost systems that you'll be able  to use with and without my help to build your business.

Call me at 503 694-5849 or Toll Free at 800 533-2893

This is the highest yield, lowest cost way to build any business that depends on adding and keeping customers, clients and patients.

" I hired him the first time because I'd changed copy on my NetCom.biz web site and the results went off a cliff.

His ability to  get inside the heads of prospects amazed me as he fixed that problem in one session.

When I took over the position as the Digital Marketing Manager here I introduced him to our CEO in the first week .

We keep him on retainer because he understands the software we're using but more importantly how to use it to build sales.

Chris Chong

Digital Marketing Manager