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In person coaching is always best but this product series is a real value option

Why do some companies go up like a rocket while others go down in flames?

Connections and consistency

To build a business you have to connect with an array of people and get to Trust. And a great deal of Trust comes from the simple act of being consistent.

Comments and Commentaries

When what you say in conversation matches what is presented in your on-line profiles and posts you are well on your way to a business that takes flight. When others comments and commentaries about you reflect the same personality and capabilities it adds fuel to your ascent.

Savvy that pays off.

Social Networking Savvy gives you a basic understanding of what works on and offline to build connections with consistency that are rewarded by positive comments and commentary.

How to connect to get funded, hire the right staff,  find distribution, discover markets and make sales

"First he convinced me to add South America to our market in this hemisphere which led to renaming the operation KDi-Americas (which he suggested). 

Then he pushed me to fully engage on Linked In which led to finding the two key individuals that will allow us to begin operations in South and Central America within the year. 

Without his coaching we would never have gotten this far, this fast."

Nancy Harkrider, PhD

Managing Director