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purchase built-in or has an extraordinary time frame between repeat purchases.

Our conversation will start with your idea.  We will explore the market facts you have gathered both through secondary and primary research. I’ll share my knowledge of similar products or services if I have experience in the field or one that approximates it.

Together we will look at what it takes to make your vision real. Although each new company I’ve worked with is unique, each is similar to all the others in the course of how they got to market. Each required a plan, funding and a lot of blood sweat and tears.

Do you have the networking skills you’ll need to get funded? We can help.

Do you know how to manage all the contacts you’ll need to get launched? We know how.

Can you build a business plan that will be believed by all the people you will need to be successful?

We know what they are looking for.

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The first hour is free.

No matter where you are in the process, I’ll give you an hour of my time at no charge.
The earlier we talk the better it will be for you. I’ll ask the hard questions you may not have heard because your friends and supporters want only the best for you. That applies whether you’re just toying with the idea or have committed time, energy and funds to planning or prototyping.

The right questions can save you pain, the pain of pursuing a market that requires extended selling cycles for which you are not funded, or a path that saps your strength of will or an offering that has no repeat

Marketing your vision for start-ups,

new products and new services

"He came aboard when we were still in the garage.

He named the company and helped us raise the cash we needed."

Geoff Rhoads

Founder, Digimarc