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How can you use video promotion on your web site?

A branding video is designed to establish, enhance or reposition the persona of an individual, company, product or service.

Personal Branding Videos are most commonly used by Consultants of all kinds and individuals in the professional services.

Corporate Branding Videos are most commonly used in business to business and business to consumer arenas and provide insight into the vision of the organization. They can also be extremely useful for non-profits.

You can also use website video to:

Generate leads--starting a dialogue with a prospect,

Educate--Deliver information that helps a prospect make a decision.

Convert visitors to customers--by asking for the order

Look at case studies--that showcase your work

Demonstrate your capability--showing the results you get

Show satisfied customers--Let prospects see and hear what hey have to say.

Web video for personal & corporate branding & blogs

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